10 reasons to choose Dubai as your study destination

So you are thinking of studying abroad but have not made up your mind yet? Here’s not one but 10 reasons why Dubai should be on the top of your list.

1. You will benefit from the biggest exhibition in the world - Expo 2020

A major milestone for Dubai with an expected 277,000 new job openings. Plan ahead – gain the best education & practical skills and you are ready to take up any job challenges.

MODUL University Dubai

2. You will learn from more than 200 different cultures in one place

Very few places in the world can claim to have so many nationalities in one place. Explore the true meaning of the word diversity.


3. See why Dubai is famous for its hospitality

Dubai is famous for its five star hotels and luxury resorts. But Dubai is also hosting 20 million guests in 2020 and you can be part of it.

Hospitality Backstage by MODUL Dubai

4. Dubai is THE place to start a career

Over the past 5 years, the Middle East has seen great development of modern projects where demand for skilled managers with regional knowledge is on the rise. Benefit from excellent education opportunities and fast-track your career to top management.

5. You are a few hours away from anywhere in the world

One of the world’s busiest airports with 270 destinations, you will literally never run out of places to travel to. Whether it is a weekend in Beirut or a hike in Nepal, you are only a few hours away from them.

6. You will NEVER get bored here

Go skiing in the desert, visit the tallest tower in the world, drive a formula 1 car, skydive outdoors, experience the only 7-star hotel in the world, and keep discovering the wonders of the world’s most famous desert oasis.


7. New ‘The Largest, The Tallest, The Best’

Dubai boasts a big list of world records.  You will be lucky to experience more Dubai achievements that keep the world in awe.

8. You will enjoy Dubai’s year-round sunshine

Take your book to one of the many beautiful white sandy beaches 365 days a year.

beach dubai

9. Contribute to the emerging culture scene

Dubai now hosts many cultural exploits including many art galleries, film clubs and night markets.


10. You will never run out of places to shop

The fame of Dubai continues with amazing shopping deals during winter and summer shopping festivals. Make sure you save up though!

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