Dr. Edith M Szivas


Full Professor  |  Programme Department Director for Tourism and Hospitality

18 years of academic experience in Tourism Marketing and Management

20 years of research in Tourism, Hospitality and Management

32 publications, 30 conferences and workshop

Dr. Edith M Szivas, a British national, is a leading international expert in the area of Tourism and Hospitality with the track record in strategy and development of over 25 years. Her involvement into a number of Governmental projects aimed at strategic development of the hospitality industry across several countries in Europe and Middle East. She is an author of numerous publications and also she is actively engaged into public speaking.

Dr. Szivas has a vast academic experience in the Universities of London, Surrey, Greenwich, Macau, and others. Her ongoing consultancy activity with the leading global organizations like UNWTO and USAID has made her contribution into development of the industry truly invaluable.

Awards and Recognition

  • Member of the Tourism Society Tourism Consultants Network, UK
  • Member of AIEST International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism
  • Expert and Auditor at UNWTO Ted.Qual (UNWTO Tourism Education Quality Certification Programme)
  • UNWTO Consultant for tourism policy and strategy, national level tourism human resources development and tourism education projects since 1998

Professional Background

  • Director, SeaStar Consultancy, UAE
  • Senior Management positions at various financial, educational and hospitality institutions (Budapest Bank, University of Surrey, Jumeirah Group)

Educational Background

  • PhD in Tourism Employment and Labour Market, University of Surrey, UK, 1997
  • MSc in Tourism Planning and Development, University of Surrey, UK, 1994
  • BSc in International Trade, Kulkereskedelmi Foiskola, Hungary, 1990

Areas of Research

  • Tourism and Hospitality (specifically covering the Middle East region)
  • Crisis Management

List of Publications

  • Riley, M and Szivas, E. (2015) Luxury and Innovation: Towards an Evaluative Framework. Research in Hospitality Management. 147-152.
  • Ladkin, A and Szivas, E. (2015) Green Jobs and Employment in Tourism. In: Veddy, M. V. and Wilkes K. (editors) Tourism in the Green Economy. Routledge.
  • Stylidis D, Biran A, Sit J, Szivas E. (2014) Residents’ Support for Tourism Development: The Role of Residents’ Place Image and Perceived Tourism Impacts. Tourism Management. 45(2014) 260-274.
  • Bartalos, S and Szivas E (2013) Green tourism certification in the UAE – Why to Implement? Published by Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED).