Prof. Jörg Finsinger


Academic Head  |  Full Professor  |  Programme Area Director for International Management

Researcher, academician, CEO

14 books, 160 articles and essays

Author of Wirtschaftswoche Ratings, Rating of EU Insurance companies.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Finsinger has been active in the world of academia since 1982 and prior to joining MODUL University Dubai has held the Chair of Financial Services Research as well as the Chair of Public Economics at the University of Vienna.

Previously, Prof. Dr. Jörg Finsinger held professorial positions at the University of Bern, University of Lüneburg, University of California, Tongij University in Shanghai, University of Miami, and University of Hohenheim- Stuttgart. He is also a member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, member of the Academy of Insurance, cofounder of the Finance and Ethics Academy in Austria, holds board memberships in public and private institutions - and has been a consultant for Government organizations in Brussels, Bonn, New York, Bern and Vienna.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Finsinger has obtained research grants from DFG, Anglo-German Foundation, The German Marshall Fund, Thyssen Foundation and is a licensed financial advisor as well as evaluation expert for Accreditation Councils for MBA and other curricula. He has been publishing his annual Life Insurance Rating in the German Business Weekly “Wirtschaftswoche” for 20 years. As an expert on financial software, automated trading systems, and Islamic finance, he has developed an impressive track record of projects in the United Arab Emirates. His contributions to the theory of Incentive Regulation can be regarded to be a corner stone of the Theory of Incentives. Prof. Dr. Jörg Finsinger holds degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Economics and Business from US, German and Swiss universities.

Awards and Recognition

  • Editor and Member of the editorial Board of several Journals in Economics, Business and Law
  • Expert for Governments and Public Bodies on Regulatory Issues, Antitrust Law, Investment and Finance as well as Insurance, Comparative Law, Ethical Investment as well as Islamic Finance
  • Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Cofounder of the Finance and Ethics Academy in Austria
  • Licensed financial advisor in Austria
  • Consultant for Government organizations in Brussels, Bonn, New York, Bern and Vienna
  • Research Grants from DFG, Anglo-German Foundation, German Marshall Fund, Thyssen Foundation

Professional Background

  • Board of Directors on several companies including IT Warehouse AG, Sigma Investment AG, Hamburg, Smart Trader AG, Zollikon, Global FX United
  • Senior management positions in several financial and advisory firms in Europe

Educational Background

  • Venia Docendi in Business Administration, University of Vienna, Austria
  • Habilitation in Economics, University of Bern, Switzerland
  • PhD, University of Bonn, Germany
  • MSs in Mathematics, Ohio State University, USA
  • BSs in Physics, Technical University Berlin, Germany

Research Areas

  • Economic theory and policy
  • Comparative Law
  • Business studies
  • Finance
  • Insurance (especially their performance based on accounting data)
  • Algorithmic Trading

List of Main Publications and more recent ones:

  •  Jörg Finsinger, Jürgen Simon: The Harmonisation of Product Liability Laws in Britain and Germany, to Applied Legal-Economic Analysis; London, Anglo-German Foundation 1992 ISBN 978-0-905492-77-3
  •  Jörg Finsinger: Strategic Management Behavior Under Reward Structures in a Planned Economy in: Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol C, February 1985 p 263-269.
  • Jörg Borrmann, Jörg Finsinger: Market and Regulation, Vahlen Munich 1999 ISBN 978-3-8006-2471-3
  • Jörg Finsinger: The Choice of Risky Technologies and Liability in International Review of Law and Economics, Vol. 11, No 1, May 1991, p. 139-150.
  • Jörg Finsinger: Insurance Markets, Campus Verlag Frankfurt 1997 ISBN 978-3-593-33227-7
  • Jörg Finsinger, T. Hoehn: The Enforcement of Product Liability Rules: A Two-Country Analysis of Court Cases in: International Review of Law and Economics, Vol. 11, 1991, p. 133-148
  • Jörg Finsinger, F.A. Schmidt :Prix, circuits de distribution et la variabilité des parts de marché en fonction de l'intensité de la réglementation: une analyse econométrique des marchés d'assurances d'Europe, Revue d'Economie Industrielle, No. 60,2e trimestre 1992, p.29-41 120.
  • Jörg Finsinger, T.SEDLIAČIK: How Much Social Responsibility Do Socially Responsible Investments Actually Deliver?, in: Lernbass R. (Hrsg.), Wirtschaften mit Hilfe nachhaltiger Regelsysteme: Finance & Ethics Academy, Shaker Verlag 2011, Band 4, p. 100-127.
  • Jörg Finsinger, J. Ospald: Seguros online en Europa, los ganadores de la crisis económica, in: Actualidad Aseguradora, 28. Jänner 2013, p. 62 - 64.
  • Jörg Finsinger, J. Ospald:ασφάλιση στην Ευρώπη είναι ο “νικητής”της οικονομικής κρίσης, in: Asfalistiki Agora, 1. März 2013, p 46-47.