Big auto and big oil will be hit as e-cars rule: Study We’ve been told that electric cars and self-driving vehicles are the future of transport. But they could be here sooner than we think. Petrol cars, trucks and buses will be driven off the roads within eight years, says a new study by Stanford

What´s Netflix got to do with socks?

Developing meaningful Internet of Things use-cases can be tricky. But the doors to more customer benefits and new business models are open to those who get things done. Have you ever stood in a public toilet with wet hands and an empty towel dispenser? Annoying, isn’t it? A clear need but no satisfactory solution –
HVS report says VAT may alter behaviour of consumers, especially millennials Hotel operators in the Gulf region may need to modify their room rates and their overall fee strategy starting next year to continue to appeal to consumers following the introduction of Value-Added Tax (VAT).   VAT, which will be imposed at a 5 percent
Global energy markets have been in flux for the past decade. Prices of solar and wind power are at record lows, natural gas is trading well below its historical average and oil prices are a fraction of where they were just a few years ago. Today’s low-cost environment is opening up new options for electricity
The Sustainable Energy Programme section team at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) has showcased the world’s first “Passive House” for a hot and humid climate. The team took the sustainable autonomous house, which is certified by the Passive House Institute in Germany, at the International Passive House Conference in Vienna. Passive House is
A recycling plant which specialises in handling toxins from electronics waste will protect water used by farmers. Enviroserve UAE in Dubai Industrial Park will be the largest electronic waste management facility in the region, capable of treat 39,000 tonnes of electronics annually. These could otherwise be sold abroad illegally or thrown into a UAE landfill,
The UAE has maintained second position to Malaysia in the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI). The report, compiled by Mastercard-Crescentrating, canvassed a total 130 countries of the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC) and non-OIC countries. It found in 2016 there was an estimated 121 million international Muslim travellers, equivalent to 10 percent of the entire
Mr. Asali joins HMH with over twenty years of hospitality experience, starting at the Four Seasons Hotel Boston. After several years in operations, Mr. Asali joined Arthur Andersen as a Real Estate and Hospitality Consultant in Bahrain and then London Mr. Asali joins HMH with over twenty years of hospitality experience, starting at the Four
Destination is renowned as a city of tradition with a glorious past, being home to some of the most influential musicians, philosophers and scientists Vienna is different. That is what Austrians say about their own capital, but it is hard to understand what makes the city so special, until experiencing the wonder of it for
Council to create strategy to strengthen the country’s position regionally and globally His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, on Saturday launched the UAE Soft Power Council, which will define a comprehensive strategy to reinforce the country’s position and consolidate its values of
New data shows city-based hotels see 89.1% occupancy while beach hotels command $399 average room rates City-based hotels in Dubai saw the highest occupancy in the Middle East at 89.1 percent in February, while beach-based hotels had the highest average room rate at $399, according to a new report. EY’s February MENA Hotel Benchmark Survey
Dubai, April 12, 2017 MODUL University Dubai, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC, has announced that students enrolling for any of its academic programmes during the Gulf Education and Training Exhibition [GETEX] 2017 will be offered one-of-its-kind, one-month paid internship in Dubai. The paid internship program by MODUL is in commitment to the university’s mission