Dr. Eman AbuKhousa

Assistant Professor (Adjunct)

Eman AbuKhousa is an inquisitive enterprise systems expert who has consistent and passionate dispositions to develop and share knowledge on big data analytics to support the smart industry of the future. Her information technology (IT) Ph.D. thesis introduced data-driven strategies in response to the current demands in local and global economies and the pursuit of competitiveness. Data-driven solutions analyze trends, make predictions about future events, and prescribe what to do next in an actionable manner based on holistic contextual decisions. She also developed individual-behavioral analytics and persuasive model to initiate and maximize influence diffusion in social media. Persuasive social influence technological methods can be applied to leverage poetical, commercial, healthcare and social causes promotion. Her current project targets developing a service-oriented middleware for industry 4.0 as a platform that integrates Big Data technologies to deliver progressive, virtualized, distributed, intelligent and real-time businesses services. She has remarkable contributions and publications in the area presented in international conferences and peer-reviewed publications. Eman is also a recognized business and professional development consultant with 10+ years of experience. She was instrumental in the successful rollout of Cerner-HIS across multiple facilities within UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt by working close to healthcare professionals to secure adoption and readiness for the health system implementations through marketing, communication, engagement, change management, training and site support strategies. She has a proved experience of collaborating with senior leaders to develop tactics and organizational learning plans to maximize performance and bring competency, creativity, and innovation to processes and production. She is also a certified trainer with Training Analysis MBA in the areas of talent management, intelligent leadership, creative thinking and soft skills. Currently, she assumes a part-time consultancy role in a number of business enterprises. Eman believes that businesses can get more proactive and innovative if and only if they turn data into insights, and hire for attitude over experience and skills. She has always been inspired by Dale Carnegie words: “If you are not in the process of becoming the person you want to be, you are automatically engaged in becoming the person you don't want to be.” She aspires to contribute in clearing the knowledge debt due from present to future generations.