Course Description

The course will introduce students to major concepts and issues in understanding individual behavior and managing individuals, teams and organizations. The topics covered include team building, individual differences, motivation, job satisfaction, types of teams, group dynamics, team reward systems, process and project teams, performance appraisal, mentoring and coaching. The course will emphasize experiential learning; thus you should expect frequent role-playing and group exercises during the course.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course students will be able to

  • understand effects of individual differences on motivation, how information is processed, and how problems are solved
  • diagnose the type of problem-solving and leadership approach to take when faced with specific types of problems
  • understand what is involved in designing a job to accomplish specific objectives
  • set goals and link their accomplishment to rewards.
  • understand the basic issues involved with the resistance to change among employees

Teaching Methods

Interactive seminar. Students are expected to prepare for the course and actively participate in the discussions. Concepts and theoretical background of the topics will be introduced along with real-world applications in various domains.