Course Contents

  •  Introduction to the real estate market
  • Real estate development process
  • Different valuations methods
  • Valuation in the hospitality industry

Learning Objectives

After the successful completion of this course students are able:

  • To understand the fundamentals of the real estate market
  • Recognize various special types of real estate
  • Understand the trading potential of hotels
  • Understand the real estate development process
  • Be conversant with the different types of valuation methods
  • Can establish and evaluate the cash flow for a hotel operation
  • Recognize and understand the aspects that influence the value of properties and yields as decision making tool for investments and developments
  • Be conversant with the different key terms of property development and valuation

Teaching Approach

Students are expected to actively contribute and prepare for each session as well as to lead discussions and engage in an academic debate. Concepts and theoretical background of the topics will be introduced.