Course Description

This course focuses on the current trends in human-computer interaction. Based on some older examples, it shows how user interfaces improved over time, but also how new challenges continuously demanded new developments. Many ideas go back a long time, but only recent technological advances made it possible to fully harness the possibilities.

Learning Objectives

The goal of the course is not to learn how to implement the interaction methods, but show what is possible and when to apply it, thus focusing not on developers but on decision-makers. A special focus is placed on the application of human-computer interaction in the interactive visual analysis of data, which is considered a key element to harness the potential of big data by many experts.

Other aspects tackled include (1) the distinction between the concept of interactions as a means to solve tasks and the concept of interactions as dealing with a certain kind of device; (2) recent developments in user interfaces; and (3) challenges and opportunities of web applications, including the blurring of human-computer interaction and computer-mediated human-human interaction.

Teaching Methods

The course will include short tasks to experience various ways of interacting with information systems and gain insight about the need for better interactions; and presentations with the results from the Pre-Module Assignment and the seminar tasks. If possible, the participants should bring a computer for use in the course. For the second day, they should also bring a dataset of their own choice.