Course Content

Nowadays enterprises need to deal increasingly with the challenges that arise through the creation and management of audiovisual materials. Not only media heavy industries such as broadcasters, archives and producers – who have to react to quickly moving trends in the media landscape – but any enterprise today must deal with producing and using growing amounts of audiovisual material both for internal use and in marketing and distribution. This course will look at how the management and re-use of audiovisual content is changing for the modern enterprise, highlight key technologies and trends, and examine collaboratively how future business can leverage audiovisual material and benefit from a better media management and re-use strategy.

Course objectives

By the end of the course, students will be able to

  • Plan from a business perspective how  to better leverage company audiovisual assets
  • Have a better understanding of trends and developments in the online media market
  • Respect digital rights both in the use of their companies own audiovisual assets and in the re-use of audiovisual assets acquired from other organizations

Teaching approach

The course is based on a mix of lectures on technology, case studies and market analyses, together with various interactive methods (group discussion, small group assignments, individual presentations). Participants will actively participate by preparing a potential use case for media asset management and utilisation prior to the course, refining it during the course and submitting a final use case document as a post-module assignment.