Law & Introduction to Business Law (LS)

The course is designed as an introduction to business law. The overall aim of this course is not to create lawyers but rather for the students to attain basic knowledge of the different fields of law as they relate to business. Topics include an introduction to various areas of the law including Contracts, Torts, Consumer Protection, Intellectual Property, Business Entities, Business Ownership and Employment issues.   Students will be instructed how to apply business law principles and terminology to everyday business activities, and hypothetical and real world problems.

Law of the UAE (IL)

The Course is aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of the UAE Legal System, starting with the applicable laws and the states structures of the government federal and local authorities, to the most specific areas of business related dispute resolution methods, such as commercial arbitration. The course is based on both legislation and case studies from the practice of the UAE courts and tribunals, as well as other jurisdictional bodies such as rental disputes settlements centers, in order to provide the most actualized and sound perspective to the students. As well, the course will cover the specificities of the UAE Legal System, which presently is a Sharia dominated hybrid of civil law and common law.

Lecture type:
IL – Interactive Lecture, SE – Seminar, LS – Lecture/Seminar,
LX – Lecture/Exercise, PT – Practical Training