If you are an international, non-resident student looking to study at MODUL University Dubai, you will need a visa in order to reside and study in the UAE. The university is able to provide you with sponsorship for a visa once you have accepted an offer of a program at MODUL University Dubai and have paid all fees due as per your offer letter.


Before entering the country Student should send the following documents to Admission Department:

• Scanned passport (within minimum 6 months validity) in colour.
• Scanned passport size photo in colour.
• A copy of your signed offer letter.
• Payment of visa, visa security deposit and health insurance.
• If you are already in UAE, a copy of your current visa. *


MODUL University Dubai will submit the application from the student to the Immigration Authorities.


After entering the UAE, the student should proceed as following:

• Medical test (all students above 18 years)
• The student submits the originals of Emirates ID application and medical test result to the university
• Upon receipt of the passport, student will have a fingerprint scan at the Emirates ID office


MDLU completes the visa process and hands over the passport to the student

The process normally takes up to 15-20 working days. The applications sometimes undergo a security check by the government authorities, which may occasionally result in further delays beyond the control of MODUL University Dubai.

*Please note that students who are in the UAE on a tourist or service visa already must exit the country in order to validate the student visa once it is issued.


Visa Fee: USD 1500 for the first year of studies and USD 500 for the annual renewal

Visa Security Deposit: USD 750 (refundable after completion of studies)

Insurance Fee: USD 500 / year


Students who wish to terminate their studies before the expiry of the visa will have their MODUL University Dubai sponsored visa cancelled immediately. In this case, the student will have to seek other forms of sponsorship to make the necessary arrangements to stay in the country. Please note that there are visa cancellation charges.