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MODUL's Rotation Programme (Dubai - Vienna)

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MODUL's Rotation Programme

Meet MODUL's Masters of Business Administration students to embark their global learning experience with MODUL’s MBA Rotation Programme. (Dubai - Vienna)


Experience first-hand renowned Austrian education, famous for its precision, planning and regulation and efficiency.

Highly multi-cultural, international and friendly cohort, where you can quickly make new contacts and empower you career.

Only 11 days off from work for the entire programme, MBA class schedule is highly flexible for working professionals. Only 4 days of classes per month for a year.

Attend MODUL's Rotation Programme. (Dubai - Vienna) at no extra tuition fee.

Choose the general MBA or specialise in one or more of the following majors:

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Leadership

New Media and Information Management

Tourism & Hotel Development


Benefit from 15% Study Grants* on your tuition fee
Enjoy 4 Star Hotel Accommodation for 6 nights to attend the MODUL's Rotation Programme.
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About MODUL University Dubai

 MODUL University Dubai is the only Austrian university in the Middle East offering 360-degree education with tourism and hospitality as its core offering, at its state-of-the-art campus located in ONE JLT, Dubai.

MODUL University Dubai offers higher education degrees in business, tourism, hospitality, sustainability, public governance and new media technologies as well as foundation and professional vocational training courses.

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