Dr. Philip Boigner

Assistant Professor
Department of International Management

Awards and Recognition

  • Certified Islamic Finance Executive
  • Chairman of the VC Chapter of the MENA Private Equity Association
  • Co-Chairman of the Dubai-AHK Technology Committee
  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Contributor to several regional and international industry magazines

Research Areas

  • Hedge Fund Replication
  • Cyber Currencies, Mobile Payments and Future Banking Systems
  • Emerging Market Venture Capital Financing

List of Publications

  • Philip Boigner and Gregory Gadzinski, (March 2015): Diversification with risk factors and investable hedge fund indices. Journal of Asset Management 16, 101116 | doi:10.1057/jam.2015.10
  • Philip Boigner and Gregory Gadzinski, (February 2013): Are investable hedge fund indices holding their promise? © 2013 Macmillan Publishers Ltd. 1753-9641, Journal of Derivatives & Hedge Funds Vol. 19, 1, 31–49
  • Philip Boigner and Gregory Gadzinski, (Spring 2015): Seeking Fully Investable and Optimized Exposure to Alternative Assets. Alternative Investment Analyst Review
  • Forbes publication:
    Challenges Persist In Raising Venture Funds In The Middle East | Forbes Middle East