About CSRE

In September 2016, the MODUL Team established an Austrian Education hub in Dubai. MODUL University’s home campus is in Austria, the country of 23 Nobel Prize winners, all of which were educated in Austrian schools or universities. Austria is known as the international quality benchmark and the golden standard for economists, musicians, composers, hoteliers and indeed - scholars in economics and business, and sustainability research and development. Read More

MODUL University Dubai, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC, offers specialized and internationally accredited undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes in International Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Interactive Marketing, Events Management, New Media Technology and Sustainable Development to prepare students to pursue international managerial careers while equipping them with the necessary skills to succeed in tomorrow’s global business needs.

MODUL University Dubai has also been nominated as the official partner of the Hamdan Centre for the Future of Investment – a global initiative under the umbrella of Dubai FDI that aims to promote the contribution of Foreign Direct Investment to sustainable development. MODUL is the only higher education and CSRE as a research institution to partner the initiative. Read Less

On 2016 The Centre for Sustainability through Research & Education (CSRE) was launched following MODUL University Dubai founding principle:

“Our ambition is linked to sustainability to endure the test of time while we believe through consistency we create integrity and through integrity we breed trust in pursuit of excellence”

CSRE in Action

Austrian School of Economics

Guided by the ideals of a The Humboldtian Model of Higher Education where study should be guided by humanistic ideals and freedom of thought.

Influenced by the economic theories that have become centerpieces of modern economic and business analysis.

Strategic Themes

CSRE focuses its efforts and resources on three areas that are critical to the future development of the region.


CSRE is fully dedicated to sustainability via four key pillars to focus its efforts.

Sustainable Solutions

Support the region’s efforts in driving sustainability through investment in education & research

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Green Education

Promote Dubai & the UAE as a center of excellence for sustainability & education

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Sustainability Hub

Establish a regional hub for collaboration between industry, policy makers & NGOs

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Education Scholarship


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Research Grants


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Forums & Events


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Startup Support


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Sustainable Tourism


Social Entrepreneurship


Youth Development

Education plays an important role in empowering youth and supporting government efforst in positioning the private sector

Building a pipline of future leaders through training, higher education and mentorship programmes

Long-term talent sustainability through research-based employability campaigns

Strategic Partners & Stakeholders

Travel, Tourism &
Hospitality Industry

Local & international hospitality investors & operators, airlines & responsible tourism supporters

Government Bodies &

Concerned authorities. Education advocacy groups & social philanthropic foundations

Youth Development Supporters & Private Sector

Organisations promoting youth development & participation in the private sectors

Sustainability &
Social Investors

Local & global organisations advocating for & driving sustainability practices in the Middle East

2017 is Declared as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development as part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Industry Partners