Dean's List

As part of MU’s Excellence Program, the Dean’s list Award is given only to best bachelor students in recognition of their outstanding academic performance. The Academic Department communicates the list of students who are eligible for the Dean’s List to the Semester Conference Committee by the end of each semester. The CGPA of students who joined MU in Fall is calculated by end of Spring semester (June) and announced in September. Similarly, the CGPA of students who joined in Spring is calculated by the end of Fall semester (January) and announced in February.

The Award is given in recognition of outstanding academic achievement. Only the most exceptional students qualify for this award!

Dean's List Award Requirements

Students must obtain a minimum of 24 ECTS or more during the respective semester at MODUL University.

Students must obtain a GPA of 90% or above and cannot have a final grade below 80% in any course in the respective semester.

Only course grades obtained at MODUL University qualify for the GPA calculation.

Only first attempts will be counted (if a student fails a course the first time and then retakes it, it will not be taken into account)

Only students free of plagiarism and academic misconduct are entitled to receive this award!

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Dean's List Award Benefits

Students who have made to the Dean’s List will receive a certificate and are invited to attend an annual breakfast with the Academic Head.

Students who make to the Dean's List for the first time will attend a breakfast/lunch with the Academic Head and earn an amount of AED 2,000.

Students who make to the Dean's List for the second time will attend a breakfast/lunch with the Academic Head and earn an amount of AED 3,600.

Students who make to the Dean's List for the third time will attend a breakfast/lunch with the Academic Head and avail a 50% Dean’s List Scholarship for MU’s MSc programmes.

Students who made to the Dean’s List twice during their MU Undergraduate programme will receive a scholarship for MODUL University’s MSc programmes.

Internal Scholarships

Students who have made to the Dean’s list twice during their MODUL University undergraduate programme are entitled to receive the Dean’s List Scholarship valued at 50% for MSc studies at MODUL and only pay 50% tuition fee for the entire programme.

MODUL graduate studies must be commenced within 3 years of the date of graduation from MODUL undergraduate studies. The alumni grant or other MODUL scholarships cannot be used in conjunction with the Dean’s List MSc Scholarship.

Students who graduate with a CGPA (weighted average) of 80% or above are entitled to receive the MSc High Potential Grant, valued at 25%.

The best student of the graduating cohort is called valedictorian. MODUL University awards the valedictorian with a 100% scholarship that covers the entire tuition of the MSc programme.

Each academic year MODUL University grants Merit Scholarships to currently enrolled students based on academic excellence and extracurricular involvement.

Dean's List Honors

In 2017 the academic recognition programme at MODUL University Dubai has recognized the following students

Student Programme
Klim Popov BSc in International Management
Abdul Aalim Bin Aslam BSc in International Management
Sarthak Sharma BSc in International Management

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