Prof. Dr. Jörg Finsinger

Academic Head
Full Professor
Programme Area Director for International Management

Awards and Recognition

  • Editor and Member of the editorial Board of several Journals in Economics, Business and La
  • Expert for Governments and Public Bodies on Regulatory Issues, Antitrust Law, Investment and Finance as well as Insurance, Comparative Law, Ethical Investment as well as Islamic Finance
  • Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Cofounder of the Finance and Ethics Academy in Austria
  • Licensed financial advisor in Austria
  • Consultant for Government organizations in Brussels, Bonn, New York, Bern and Vienna
  • Research Grants from DFG, Anglo-German Foundation, German Marshall Fund, Thyssen Foundation

Research Areas

  • Economic theory and policy
  • Comparative Law
  • Business studies
  • Finance
  • Insurance (especially their performance based on accounting data)
  • Algorithmic Trading

List of Main Publications and more recent ones:

  • Jörg Finsinger, Jürgen Simon: The Harmonisation of Product Liability Laws in Britain and Germany, to Applied Legal-Economic Analysis; London, Anglo-German Foundation 1992 ISBN 978-0-905492-77-3
  • Jörg Finsinger: Strategic Management Behavior Under Reward Structures in a Planned Economy in: Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol C, February 1985 p 263-269.
  • Jörg Borrmann, Jörg Finsinger: Market and Regulation, Vahlen Munich 1999 ISBN 978-3-8006-2471-3
  • Jörg Finsinger: The Choice of Risky Technologies and Liability in International Review of Law and Economics, Vol. 11, No 1, May 1991, p. 139-150.
  • Jörg Finsinger: Insurance Markets, Campus Verlag Frankfurt 1997 ISBN 978-3-593-33227-7
  • Jörg Finsinger, T. Hoehn: The Enforcement of Product Liability Rules: A Two-Country Analysis of Court Cases in: International Review of Law and Economics, Vol. 11, 1991, p. 133-148
  • Jörg Finsinger, F.A. Schmidt :Prix, circuits de distribution et la variabilité des parts de marché en fonction de l'intensité de la réglementation: une analyse econométrique des marchés d'assurances d'Europe, Revue d'Economie Industrielle, No. 60,2e trimestre 1992, p.29-41 120.
  • Jörg Finsinger, T.SEDLIAČIK: How Much Social Responsibility Do Socially Responsible Investments Actually Deliver?, in: Lernbass R. (Hrsg.), Wirtschaften mit Hilfe nachhaltiger Regelsysteme: Finance & Ethics Academy, Shaker Verlag 2011, Band 4, p. 100-127.
  • Jörg Finsinger, J. Ospald: Seguros online en Europa, los ganadores de la crisis económica, in: Actualidad Aseguradora, 28. Jänner 2013, p. 62 - 64.
  • Jörg Finsinger, J. Ospald:ασφάλιση στην Ευρώπη είναι ο “νικητής”της οικονομικής κρίσης, in: Asfalistiki Agora, 1. März 2013, p 46-47.