Dr. Hanen Gharbi

Assistant Professor (Adjunct)

Research Areas

  • Exchange rate regimes and currency crisis in the emerging market
  • Exchange rate management and monetary policy
  • Foreign exchange reserve accumulation and currency wars

Research Papers

  • Exchange rate management in emerging markets: lessons of recent experiences. La Revue de l’OFCE N° 95 / October 2005
  • Fear of appreciation and inflation targeting: the emerging economies dilemmas, 2013. 9th International Business and Social Science Research Conference, World Business Institute, Dubai
  • Outlook for the Egyptian pound, end of year forecast and Foreign exchange reserves scenarios
  • Egypt’s social spending policy: a comparative analysis

Monthly report, September 2014, Geopolicity

  • Analysis of the Egyptian economy vulnerabilities: debt sustainability and foreign reserves sufficiency. Annual report, 2014, Geopolicity