Keary Shandler

Senior Adjunct Lecturer

From her origins in international tourism, Keary transferred a customer-focused mindset across to numerous roles within the investment, business services, brand licensing and executive learning industries before joining Modul in September 2017.   Living in Dubai since 2002 has enabled her to successfully co-founded two businesses and provide independent guidance and support for many other startups. Channeling that entrepreneurial spirit, Keary now focuses on designing and delivering real-world learning, tapping into her strategic and operational know-how to help students and managers alike to discover ideas and practices that stretch the imagination.  Her teaching encompasses integrated marketing, sustainability principles, environmental management and strategic business.  Fueled by having one foot in the classroom and the other in the boardroom, she focuses her doctorial studies on exploring ways to build resilience within organisations and socio-economic systems through the application of the Planetary Boundaries framework, circular economy and shared value concepts.

Keary holds a Master of Business Administration from Murdoch University (Australia) and is an active member of international collaborations e.g. Future Earth, Shared Value Initiative, Ellen MacArthur Foundation.  

Publications and Insights

Keary has presented preliminary findings of experiential learning and documentary filming research at international conferences such as Resilience 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden and the 2016 Global Ecologies Conference in Sydney, Australia.