Stacey Kurzendorfer

Human Resources

Stacey is passionate about change and helping companies succeed. She has enabled many companies to become more internally competitive and achieve their goals by supporting project teams and leaders so that “the people side of change” is managed and desired behaviors are embraced to enable both personal and business transformations as part of the journey.

She has brought this expertise to bear in both consulting and full-time positions in international and local companies where there are changes to processes, systems, organizational structure, and job roles – any of which involve transformations where the balance between leadership, change management, and project management is critical.

Stacey is multi-lingual and has worked in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe in several different industries including hospitality, manufacturing, IT, and education in both the public and private sectors. She is a change “resistance coach” who takes both a structured and intuitive approach working at all organizational levels to support transformations at the group and individual level, so that optimum ways of working are embedded through the organizational culture.