Dr. Oliver Loisel

Assistant Professor
Department of International Management

Awards and Recognition

  • Member of the Austrian United Arab Emirates Associatio
  • Contributor to several industry magazines

Research Areas

  • Strategies, Business Models and Ecosystems in the Internet of Things

Publications and Insights

  • 2016: Loisel: Internet of Things strategy and roadmap, Computerwelt 14
  • 2016: Loisel: What Netflix has got to do with socks, Computerwelt 6
  • 2015: Keuschnigg/ Loisel: 5 assumptions on digitization in the industrial sector, Industry Magazine, 12
  • 2007: IPTVĀ“s contribution to the challenges of rural regions, Malik, Vienna
  • 2006 Loisel: Innovation in the knowledge economy: Protecting Intellectual Property as a fundamental driver of economic growth and location attractiveness, Malik, Vienna
  • 2005 Loisel/Heimerl: Learning with case studies in organisational and personnel development, Linde, Vienna