Chris Spiliopoulos


Through his positive attitude and vast experience in Hospitality Accounting Chris Spiliopoulos provides his students with an excellent set of tools that will assist them through their training. Chris has an extensive background that included The Savoy Hotel in London along with the Armani and Conrad Hotel in Dubai. With a total of twenty-one years in finance Chris is able to apply accounting with a strong commercial awareness.

During his classes he provides the students with concise material that is relevant to their field which enables them to apply this at work. Chris actively challenges students during his class with the aim not only to complete the course but apply the learning material in the real world.

Chris completed his studies in Australia where he also kicked off his career in finance and has come now to the position where he can transfer his experience and knowledge to those willing to pursue their career in finance. Whether you are an experienced accountant or new to the field Chris will provide a teaching methodology that will fit your needs.