About MU Store

Welcoming MODULians to yet another surprise for the September 2017 Semester.

MODUL University Dubai proudly launches the MU Store, a one-stop merchandise store on Campus to cater to your immediate studying and lifestyle needs with an expanding array of MODUL branded merchandise in stationary, IT, apparel and drinkware items.

MODUL's branded merchandise is one of the ways you can showcase your MODULian Spirit!

Merchandise & Prices

AED 25*

AED 15*

AED 5*

Starting from 1st January 2018, the UAE Government will be introducing Value Added Tax (VAT) at a standard rate of 5% applicable to most goods and services in the UAE. This tax is being introduced as part of the national strategy towards building a diversified and robust economy, and the continued provision of high quality services for the country’s citizens and residents. MODUL University Dubai will comply with this Government mandate and from 1st January, the standard VAT rate of 5% will apply to our programmes, courses, products and services. Further details will be made available in the coming weeks.
*All fees are exclusive of value added tax (VAT).


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MU Polo T-shirt (White, Women)

MU Polo T-shirt (Red, Women)

MU Polo T-shirt (White, Men)

MU Polo T-shirt (Red, Men)