The Academic Office (ACO) serves as an important link between MODUL Dubai faculty and staff and the student body. The ACO staff members take the lead role in scheduling courses, as well as developing the academic calendar, preparing and distributing study materials and managing academic records.

The program managers are also in charge of maintaining MODUL's e-learning platform, which serves as a communication platform and link between students and lecturers and contains all relevant information about the courses, including course schedules and resources.

Students are welcome to visit the ACO to learn more about the curriculum or talk individually with staff about concerns related to the study programs. Especially for this purpose, each study program has a designated manager to advise students throughout their studies – helping ensure success at MODUL University Dubai!

The Academic Office also represents both the President's Office and the Department's Office, and offers advice and assistance regarding students' concerns that should be brought to the Deans' and/or President's attention.

If you are interested in studying at the University or would like to request a copy of our undergraduate or graduate prospectus, please email us at and we will reach to you soon.

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