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About MODUL Career Centre

MODUL Career Center, an integral part of MODUL University Dubai, offers various services and support to the university students such as assisting them in finding an internship placement, preparing for the employment application process, and guiding them through the duration of their internship when necessary.

MODUL Career Centre is currently expanding its network of potential employers providing them access to young talent - motivated students and the university graduates.

Whether an employer is seeking to engage several interns for part-time job or requires to fill a specific full-time position,

MODUL Career Centre is eager to assist its industry partners in the following ways:

Introduce organizations to the university students

Connect the organizations with candidates quickly and conveniently

Create awareness and visibility for the potential employer and partner of MODUL University Dubai

MODUL Career Center's Agenda

MODUL Career Center facilitates and supports employers and students in various types of internships, full employment opportunities as well as student volunteering as described below:

  • MODUL Career Centre provides the opportunity for their students to get involved into internships throughout their studies. However, it should not interrupt the studying process, and hence should be arranged in off class timings.
  • The duration of the internship depends on the employer requirements. Most required period of the internship is from 3 to 6 months. That’s why it is preferred that the internships take place during winter/summer breaks.
  • Some of the employers may require interns only for couple weeks/days, in this case the students have an opportunity to go for an internship even during their studies. However, still it should not interrupt the studying process, and hence should be arranged in off class timings
  • All students of BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management study program have to complete a mandatory internship of at least 450 hours (8 ECTS) in the field of hospitality or tourism (hotel, travel agency, airline, online booking portal, tourist board, event management, hospitality consulting company, etc.).
  • The internship must be completed in one part abroad or in the UAE and students can choose the appropriate time period to complete the internship.
  • MODUL University Dubai reserves the right to supervise the internship.
  • Volunteering is a great way for the students to enhance University experience. It's an amazing opportunity to meet new people and become part of the local community as well as developing new skills and experiences which will look great on your CV when you start job hunting.
  • There is a wide range of opportunities to get involved. These range from activities that support other students and improve the University community as a result, through to getting involved in charities and not for profit organisations in the wider community outside of the Campus.

Internship Announcement

  • Partner company and MODUL Career Center shall agree on the form of Internship Announcement.
  • Internship Announcement can only be done by MODUL Career center.
  • Internship Announcement must include internship details and can include the relevant contact details of the partner company for the students’ applications.
  • MODUL Career can conduct the applicant's pre-screening process in case required by the partner company however provided that it receives precise selection criteria for the available internship or employment opportunity.
  • Partner company can also do the entire applicants selection process on its own if that is preferred.

For more details, please contact MODUL Career Center ( and our team members will get in touch with further detail