About Internships by MODUL

Internships by MODUL is the first of its kind internship career-placement initiative that trains candidates for their upcoming internship opportunities.

All high school and university students can enrol for a pre-internship training by MODUL to prepare them for their internship placements at leading institutions.

Our Internships training programme was formulated with the high-school graduate and university student in mind. Developed with our renowned faculty and trainers and taking into account the success pillars students will need in their future internship and workplace; Internships by MODUL caters to the preparatory training for students and equips them with the necessary skills to excel in their internships and to guarantee full-time employment after graduation.

Certificate of Completion

Internships Programme Details

Duration 4 Days, 4 Hours Per Day (20 Hours Total)
Dates of Classes 31 March - 3 April (2:00 - 6:00 PM)
Certficate of Completion Issued by MODUL University Dubai
Location MODUL University Dubai Campus, ONE JLT
Course Fees Contact MODUL for Cost and Registeration Fees
Eligibility Criteria
  • Fluent in English language
  • Last year high school student
  • Undergraduate university student

Value Added Tax (VAT)

   Starting from 1st January 2018, the UAE Government will be introducing Value Added Tax (VAT) at a standard rate of 5% applicable to most goods and services in the UAE. This tax is being introduced as part of the national strategy towards building a diversified and robust economy, and the continued provision of high quality services for the country’s citizens and residents.

MODUL University Dubai will comply with this Government mandate and from 1st January, the standard VAT rate of 5% will apply to our programmes, courses, products and services. Further details will be made available in the coming weeks.

*All fees are exclusive of value added tax (VAT).


The students will be assessed via exams and presentations. Both exams and presentations will cover all material presented during the course. In addition, the students are expected to participate and complete all tasks and objectives in class group assignments. A grade of 70% is required to pass the pre-internship training. Students who achieve 90% and above are eligible for special grants to MODUL’s academic programmes.

Why Enrol in Internships by MODUL?

  • Learn to set your goals & learning objectives for your internship experience
  • Understand & learn how to become a winning Intern
  • Discover corporate culture & how to fit in
  • Develop the perfect business etiquette
  • Gain practice on how to market yourself
  • Learn how to enhance your CV / resume

Internship Training

Meet the Trainers

A holder of MSc in International Business Management from Heriot-Watt University in UK, Tracy’s experience spans from marketing at many UAE-based businesses (Al Hilal Bank, Sharjah Art Foundation, Emirates Red Crescent) to lecturing at world-renowned universities in the UK and the UAE. Her area of academic expertise covers: Consumer Behavior, Business Skills and Innovation Management, E-commerce, Digital Marketing and many other.

Mrs. Aguilar is an Adjunct Trainer at the MODUL University Dubai since March 2016. She is active in training, teaching and academic support. Beatriz has a B.A. in Business Administration as well as a B.S. in Psychology from the University of San Diego. During her extensive career of over 15 years in the Health Care Management industry, she has led various teams from Client Consulting Services to Operations and integrated project management teams across the United States. She led the expansion of an alternative health care management program from the West Coast nationally. Recently, she has focused on training and management consulting with various industries throughout the Middle East and reinvigorated numerous businesses by innovating and streamlining their operations.

Jasmina Locke is a forward-thinking education professional, with over ten years of experience in training, lecturing and curriculum development, in both corporate and academic domain. Result-driven and persuasive MBA graduate, with extensive managerial experience and a proven track-record in Tourism industry, Commercial, and Corporate Aviation, winning over customers and creating buy-in with senior stakeholders.

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Carol’s experience spans various industries and sectors of specialization. She has been involved in the marketing and operations division for leading global brands such as Harvey Nichols - Al Tayer Insignia, Emirates NBD, JC Decaux and Martha Stewart Middle East. Her passion for continued learning and development caused her to move into academia in 2011. She has taught at the undergraduate and postgraduate level at several universities in the UAE.

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School Outreach
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About MODUL University Dubai

Established in Vienna in 1908, the MODUL brand has over 100 years of legacy in hospitality and tourism education. MODUL University Dubai is the only Austrian university in the Middle East offering 360-degree education with tourism and hospitality as its core offering, at its state-of-the-art campus located in ONE JLT, Dubai.

MODUL University Dubai offers higher education degrees in business, tourism, hospitality, sustainability, public governance and new media technologies as well as foundation and professional vocational training courses.

Learning Outcomes

Internships by MODUL, pre-trains students and enables them to:

  • Understand what employers are seeking in interns & future graduate for full-time employment opportunities
  • Understand corporate culture & business etiquette
  • Discover the skills needed for effective work-place integration
  • Learn about your personal strengths & opportunities for improvements


Helps students to acquire the following:

  • Understand the top soft interpersonal & practical skills valued by your employer
  • Gain practice on how to achieve concise & clear writing skills
  • Discover how to build your professional credentials & add to your CV (Resume)
  • Learn how to use Microsoft office products effectively & efficiently to complete your work responsibilities
  • Improve your search skills to perform effective investigation
  • Learn how to create a SMART goal
  • Find your strengths and weakness & create an elevator pitch
  • Develop & practice critical thinking skills